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Robert Rothschild Farm – Grab and Go – Snack Set

Robert Rothschild Farm Grab & Go Snack Set



This past weekend I went on a bus trip to Ohio and decided to pick up some things to eat on the bus.  I bought the Robert Rothschild Farm Grab and Go Snack Set as well as Mediterranean Snacks Tapas 2 Go (I’ll put this review up later).

It’s a good thing that I bought two of each since I accidentally deleted the pictures of the products before I was able to transfer them to my computer. Epic blogging fail on my part.

There are a bunch of different “flavors” to choose from for the Grab & Go snack sets from Robert Rothschild Farm’s.  Besides the onion blossom horseradish dip, they also have a chocolate fudge dip, raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip, and a raspberry wasabi dipping mustard, all served with pretzel twists.

What’s all included in the snack set?


–       3.4 oz jar of Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip

–       small bag of pretzel twists

Overall feedback

I really enjoyed the dip; it had a nice bite to it from the horseradish.  It reminded me a lot of the blooming onion dips that are served at restaurants that serve blooming onions.  I had a lot of dip left over after I was done with the pretzels.

IMG_3907 IMG_3908

Would I buy again?

Yes, I would buy it again.  I think I might try some of the other flavors as well.


4 out of 5 stars