Happy Thursday!!

I am in the process of writing my first recipe post.  It will be posted tomorrow!  I am super excited.

I have learned many things over my first week as a ‘blogger.’

1. Blogging takes a LOT of time.  I knew it took time going into blogging, but I never realized how much time, until I started actually doing it.

2. Research, research, research!  I have done a lot of researching on blogging.  I have read a bunch of different articles on what to do and what not to do.  Taking all of this information in is a bit overwhelming.  I am glad that my co-worker Emily is here for me to ask questions.  She has helped a lot.

3. You must prep.  One thing that Emily taught me is prepping.  Plan out your posts. I thought since today was such a nice day out, I’d plan out my post for tomorrow outside on the porch! (Don’t mind the Lime-A-Rita in the background :), it’s finally nice enough out to sit outside and enjoy a cocktail!)


4. I really need to organize more.  I have some things organized, but I feel that I could have a much better ‘Blog Planner.’


Well, I have to get back to writing the post for tomorrow!  Super excited to share the first recipe!


Case of the Mondays

I’m sure we’ve all had them, a case of the Mondays.  I day that we really didn’t want to do anything.

For me it started right away in the morning.  My alarm clock went off and I just wanted to stay in bed.  I thought I heard my roommate in the shower so, I hit the snooze button.  A couple of minutes later, the alarm starts going off again and I know I have to get up or I’ll be late for work.  When I get up, I realize that my roommate is still sleeping and I didn’t hear the shower.

I got ready and headed to work.  I felt super sleepy at work and wanted some coffee, but I realized I left my cup at home.  I blame Monday morning brain.

The work day wasn’t too bad.  My co-worker Emily and I tried a new place for lunch.  We would have made it back on time if there wasn’t traffic.  Who would think that there would be traffic at 11:30 on Monday.  Darn construction.

The rest of the day wasn’t too bad either.  When I woke up this morning, I was dreading having a million phone calls. I feel that most people call on Mondays, but it wasn’t the case today.  Thankfully because I really didn’t want to answer the same questions over and over again.

I came home to my roommate’s cat waiting for me like always at the door.  He then proceeded to meow until I put everything down and pet him for a good 10 minutes.  After which he ignored me for the most part until he became hungry and wanted me to feed him.

I can’t wait to curl up and go to bed.

Robert Rothschild Farm – Grab and Go – Snack Set

Robert Rothschild Farm Grab & Go Snack Set



This past weekend I went on a bus trip to Ohio and decided to pick up some things to eat on the bus.  I bought the Robert Rothschild Farm Grab and Go Snack Set as well as Mediterranean Snacks Tapas 2 Go (I’ll put this review up later).

It’s a good thing that I bought two of each since I accidentally deleted the pictures of the products before I was able to transfer them to my computer. Epic blogging fail on my part.

There are a bunch of different “flavors” to choose from for the Grab & Go snack sets from Robert Rothschild Farm’s.  Besides the onion blossom horseradish dip, they also have a chocolate fudge dip, raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip, and a raspberry wasabi dipping mustard, all served with pretzel twists.

What’s all included in the snack set?


–       3.4 oz jar of Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip

–       small bag of pretzel twists

Overall feedback

I really enjoyed the dip; it had a nice bite to it from the horseradish.  It reminded me a lot of the blooming onion dips that are served at restaurants that serve blooming onions.  I had a lot of dip left over after I was done with the pretzels.

IMG_3907 IMG_3908

Would I buy again?

Yes, I would buy it again.  I think I might try some of the other flavors as well.


4 out of 5 stars



It’s Created!

I’ve been speaking with my co-worker Emily (find her here) for awhile now about starting a blog about food. Today I finally did it. I can’t help but feel a little giddy inside about being able to share my reviews with other people besides her.

I’m very thankful that Emily said she’d help me get this started and be here for me with any questions that I might have about the whole blogging thing. She might be regretting that after the first couple of weeks.

Here’s to the start of something new!