Happy Thursday!!

I am in the process of writing my first recipe post.  It will be posted tomorrow!  I am super excited.

I have learned many things over my first week as a ‘blogger.’

1. Blogging takes a LOT of time.  I knew it took time going into blogging, but I never realized how much time, until I started actually doing it.

2. Research, research, research!  I have done a lot of researching on blogging.  I have read a bunch of different articles on what to do and what not to do.  Taking all of this information in is a bit overwhelming.  I am glad that my co-worker Emily is here for me to ask questions.  She has helped a lot.

3. You must prep.  One thing that Emily taught me is prepping.  Plan out your posts. I thought since today was such a nice day out, I’d plan out my post for tomorrow outside on the porch! (Don’t mind the Lime-A-Rita in the background :), it’s finally nice enough out to sit outside and enjoy a cocktail!)


4. I really need to organize more.  I have some things organized, but I feel that I could have a much better ‘Blog Planner.’


Well, I have to get back to writing the post for tomorrow!  Super excited to share the first recipe!


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